Still alive…

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It’s been a few months since I posted a progress update. Now is a good time, as I’m halfway through Phase 2 of this project. Specifically, I have 11 of 23 songs fully written. During the next two weeks, my goal is to take that up to 17, followed by the final 6 in March. If I can meet those deadlines, the rest is easy. Phase 3, scheduled for April and May, will be nailing down the final recordings of vocals, guitar, and drums. This is followed by Phase 4, mixing the album, in June. Phase 5 in July will be mastering and artwork. August, Phase 6, will be a couple of weeks of listening, minor tweaks to the master, and the final sendoff to print. This gets me the September release I’ve been aiming for, to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of my first album, devoid. Updates to this site are not as frequent as I’d hoped, but if you’d like to see more frequent clips of what I’m working on, like the one below, follow Selling the Ashes on Facebook or YouTube. So much to do.

Back to work…

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