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After more than a year, I’m ready to announce the details of my new album, Derivative. Or should I say three albums? Originally, I set out to release a double album, this time around. The goal was to put out something on par with my personal favorite, The Fragile, by Nine Inch Nails. I’ve listened to all twenty-three of those songs straight, more times than I can count. But, times have changed. People have much shorter musical-attention-spans than they did in 1999. The concept of an album is almost entirely lost; let alone a double album. And so, the obvious solution was to break this double album apart into a few separate “mini albums.” If you’ve been following the making of Derivative, you know that I chose to write a script and turn it into music that relays that story, scene by scene, through each song. So when deciding where to split the album, it made the most sense to release it according to its three-act structure.

Derivative – Act I will be released on September 17, 2016, exactly ten years after my first album. Act II is currently planned for release on December 31, and Act III for March 25, 2017. Each mini-album will be approximately 20-30 minutes long, with 7 or 8 songs each. Perhaps I should have split it further into even smaller chunks, but I’m very satisfied with how these three acts stand on their own. Despite the fact that they started as one contiguous work, each section has a unique feel to it. Act I has more of the rock and pop-type songs. Act II becomes more experimental and electronic. Act III is just, strange…

Derivative will, of course, be distributed to all the regular outlets, iTunes, Spotify, etc. I will also make sure that it’s available to listen to for free on YouTube, as well as sellingtheashes.com. It makes no difference to me whether someone pays for my music or not. Just do me a favor and listen all the way through. Like an album…

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