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All and all, I think I have to say that 2016 was a great year for Selling the Ashes. I finally got a live band put together, and we played a few shows. It was the first time I ever quit my job for a while to focus entirely on making music. It went by quickly, and while I’m now back to my “normal” career, I’m still very focused on completing the greatest project of my life, Derivative. Act I came out on time in September, and originally, I had hoped to release Derivative – Act II by the end of the year. Here we are on NYE, and rather than releasing the next piece, I’m heading down to Vegas to ring-in, what I assume will be the last year of civilization as we know it, before the nuclear apocalypse. Thanks Trump. Act II isn’t very far away, but every time I think it’s about to be completed, I seem to find something new to add. Those finishing touches tend to be what takes the longest. It will be done soon, followed shortly after by Act III. For now, here is the debut of what could best be called “the single” off of Act II, Conflagration…

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